Laser Cutting

3500 Watt Laser Cutting Machine

Amtex Precision specializes in precision high-speed laser cutting for a wide variety of applications and industries. Our laser machine is Mitsubishi's newest and most advanced 2d laser cutting system currently available on the market. With this machine's exceptionally fast operating speed and accurate cut over an extensive range of material gauges and types of alloys, it will allow us to process an incredible variety of parts without sacrificing productivity up to 3/4" thick.

This advanced technology paired with our processes and experience give us the ability to offer exceptional quality parts in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Machine Specs:

  • Material Capacity
    • Mild Steel = Up to 3/4" Thick
    • Stainless Steel = Up to 1/2" Thick
    • Aluminum = Up to 3/8' Thick
  • Tolerances
    • As High as 0.003"
  • Table Size
    • 5' X 10', Dual Pallet

Benefits of Laser Cutting

  • Processes a wide variety of materials
  • Complex contouring with no tooling fees
  • Burr free cutting requires less finishing
  • Heat distortion is almost non-existent
  • Flexible CAD/CAM design & programming
  • Simple, scalable reproduction of multiple parts
  • Consistent tolerances from part to part

Laser Cutting Demo